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PICO-SALAX® is a bowel prep medication used by adults and children to clean the colon before a colonoscopy.

PICO-SALAX® cleanses your colon by causing you to have diarrhea. Cleansing your colon helps your doctor see the lining of your colon clearly during your colonoscopy.

PICO-SALAX® is the bowel prep with the least volume of prep solution, available in orange and cranberry flavour. PICO-SALAX allows you to drink any recommended clear liquids at your own pace, to maintain hydration during the prep process.

Pico Salax®

How does PICO-SALAX® work?

PICO-SALAX® is a white powder and is packaged in sachet format (either single or double sachet package). PICO-SALAX® causes diarrhea that, over time, cleans the solid waste from your colon.

How is PICO-SALAX® taken?

Your PICO-SALAX® is taken in 2 parts, each sachet is mixed with 150 ml of cold water. Following each dose, 1.5 Litres to 2 Litres of a variety of clear liquids over 4 hours is recommended.


How is PICO-SALAX® different from other therapies?

PICO-SALAX® allows you to drink less prep solution and stay hydrated with the clear liquids of your choice.

How quickly does PICO-SALAX® work?

Each patient reacts to PICO-SALAX® differently. The effects of PICO-SALAX® may be felt right away or they may take some time. It is important for you to have regular access to a bathroom as soon as you begin taking PICO-SALAX®.

PICO-SALAX® Important Information

Indications and Administration

PICO-SALAX® is used for clearance of the bowel prior to x-ray examination, endoscopy or surgery.
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